Circuit Civil Filing Fees

Category One Cases: $328.50

Contracts, torts, personal injury, property damage, malpractice, wrongful death, employment discrimination, civil rights suits, tax disputes, special remedies and cases not otherwise specified.

Category Two Cases: $253.50

Worker’s comp cases (bond may be used): appeals to circuit from general sessions, city courts and other courts or hearings: transfers from foreign counties; writs of mandamus; condemnation/inverse condemnation; & quo warranto actions

Category Three Cases: $203.50

Adoptions, legitimations, paternity cases, termination of parental rights, & other domestic relations matters not otherwise designated, restoration of citizenship, name changes, minor settlements, enforcement of foreign judgments and orders of protection, cross-filings and counter complaints.

Category Four Cases: $178.50

Child Support enforcement and modification, interstate support cases, modification of parenting plan, civil contempt.

Divorce  No  Children: $228.50
Divorce with Children: $303.50

State Litigation Tax:    $23.75
Local Litigation Tax:    $35.75

Service Fees per document (subpoena):   $48.00
Issuance Fee:  $6.00

Miscellaneous other Filings and Fees

Post Judgment requests: $25.00
Continuance: $7.00
Copies: 50 Cents
Mailing (certified or registered): Actual Cost
Certification & Seal: $5.00
Preparing a Record on appeal from Circuit to an Appellate Court: $300
Third Party complaints: Same as Original complaint 
Appeal from Lower Court: $253.50
Subpoena: $48
Civil Contempt: $119
Counter Complaint/Cross Filings: $144
Petition for Modifications: $77
Cost Bonds: 
By moving to payment of fees in advance, the legislation eliminates the need for cost bonds in many civil cases.
When a cost bond is posted it only postpones fee collections.

Deborah Kile, Deputy Clerk (423) 334-5821